Elven Sharpshooter

Unparalleled elven archers that attack for deadly damage at maximum range. After reaching level 21 and finishing Sharpshooting research you can build the Longbow Legion building, which can be purchased for 15,000 silver. Though their damage is impressive they attack only a single target at a time. They can be upgraded at level 25.

Cost of Sharpshooter
# of Units # of Population Needed Population Silver Cost Time
5 250 8,000 1 hr
8 400 12,800 2 hr
15 750 24,000 4 hr
30 1,500 48,000 12 hr

Sharpshooter Lvl 1 Properties
Role Ranged
Cost 100 Crystals
Speed Medium 35 speed
Armour Studded 2 armor
Health 3.1/10 800 health
Damage 4.5/10 1200 ranged damage
Attack Speed 3.8/10 3.6 attack speed
Range 10/10 600 attack range

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