Riflewomen are the first ranged military unit for Dwarfs. They cost 15 crystals to deploy. In the tutorial you will conduct the *Range Research* to unlock the Bunker building. The Bunker building allows you to craft Riflewomen. You can upgrade the Bunker after lvl 9.

Riflewomen Lvl 1 Properties
Role Ranged
Cost 15
Speed Slow
Armour Light
Health 3.1/10
Damage 1/10
Attack Speed 1.5/10
Range 6.5/10

Cost of Riflewomen lvl 1
# of Units # of Population Needed Cost Time
4 8 300 3 min
10 20 750 10 min
25 50 1,875 30 min
40 80 3,000 1 hr

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