Research allows a player to unlock new buildings, military units, spells, and defences. To unlock research, a player must advance in levels as well as unlocking the previous research in it's path. While Research is common to all Races, there are instances where the name of the research of the object unlocked varies by Race. Ex: Since each race has unique names for it's Housing, Architecture research unlocks similar type but differently named housing. The beginning largely starts off the same, but gets more Race specific as the levels progress.

Goods Research PathEdit

Type of Research Level Price Time Unlocks
Mining 2 500 Silver 5 min Quarry
Wood Processing 6 5,000 Silver
6 small gems
1 hr Saw Mill
Metallurgy 9 ? 3 hr Armory
Orchards (Elf)
Metal Working (Dwarf)
Domestication (Human)
13 50,000 Silver
13 small gems
8 hr Fruit Patch
Dairy Farm
Deep Mining 16 100,000 Silver 18 hr Mine
Medicine 19 125,000 Silver
19 small gems
1 day 12 hr Apothecary
Expanded Trade 21 ? 2 days Emporium
Exotic Guns
Advanced Baking
23 ? 3 days Herb Garden
Grain Mill
Treatments 24 190,000 Silver 3 days Medicine Shop
Magical Ranching 26 ? 4 days Ranch
Exotic Weapons 28 ? 4 days Swordsmith
Magic Wrangling
Expert Gemcutting
30 ? 5 days Enchanted Stables
Gem Dealer
Tinker's Shop

Military ResearchEdit

Type of Research Level Price Time Unlocks
Ranged Combat 2 500 Silver 1 min Archers (Elf)
Riflewomen (Dwarf)
Slinger (Human)
Military Training 5 2,500 Silver
5 small gems
20 min Guards (Elf)
Axemen (Dwarf)
Soldier (Human)
Combat Healing 8 7,500 Silver
8 small gems
2 hr Healer (Elf)
Curer (Dwarf)
Medic (Human)

Acrobatics (Elf)
Trapping (Dwarf)
Swordsmanship (Human)

10 15,000 Silver 4 hr Acrobat (Elf)
Trapper (Dwarf)
Swordsmen (Human)
Crossbows (Elf)
Explosives (Dwarf)
Advanced Combat (Human)
11 20,000 Silver
11 small gems
6 hr Crossbowman (Elf)
Grenadier (Dwarf)
Knight (Human)
Advanced Combat (Elf)
Warhammers (Dwarf)
War Horses (Human)
12 35,000 Silver
12 small gems
8 hr Elite (Elf)
Crushers (Dwarf)
Cavalry (Human)
Combat Casting (Elf)
Shield Fighting (Dwarf)
Combat Casting (Human)
13 50,000 Silver
13 small gems
12 hr Conjurer (Elf)
Shieldman (Dwarf)
Enchantress (Human)
Advanced Healing (Elf)
Berserker Fury (Dwarf)
Advanced Healing (Human)
15 100,000 Silver 24 hr Cleric (Elf)
Berserker (Dwarf)
Priest (Human)
Deadly Accuracy(Elf)
Guardian Trainers (Dwarf)
Pole Weapons (Human)
18 125,000 Silver
18 small gems
1day 12 hr Assassin(Elf)
Blessed Troops(Human)
21 200,000 Silver 4 days Sharpshooter(Elf)
Flame Thrower(Dwarf)
Combat Cannons(Dwarf)
Dragon Taming(Human)
24 250,000 Silver 5 days Wizard(Elf)
Dragon Rider(Human)

Mining ResearchEdit

Type of Research Level Price Time Effect
Reinforced Picks 8 7,500 Silver
8 small gems
2 hr Improved Miners, 2 crystals per strike
Split Head Picks 13 50,000 Silver 12 hr Improved Miners, 4 crystals per strike
Gem Tipped Picks 19 125,000 Silver 1 day 12 hr Improved Miners, 7 crystals per strike
Enchanted Picks 25 ? Silver 4 days Improved Miners, 10 crystals per strike

Spell Magic ResearchEdit

Type of Research Level Price Time Unlocks

Lightning Magic

7 7,500 Silver
7 small gems
2 hr Lightning Temple
Ice Magic 9 ? Silver 3 hr Ice Temple
Fire Magic 11 20,000 Silver
11 small gems
6 hr Fire Temple
Healing Magic 14 50,000 Silver
14 small gems
12 hr Healer Temple
Earth Magic 17 100,000 Silver 1 day Earth Temple
Crystal Magic 20 150,000 Silver 2 days Crystal Temple
Nature Magic 23 175,000 Silver
23 small gems
3 days Nature Temple
Death Magic 26 ? 5 days Death Temple

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