Elf Protector

Protectors are late-game melee units that fill the protector role. It is the only elven unit that wears Plate. As a protector type of unit the enemy troops will target the protector first, even if it might be behind other troops. This unit does not cost gold to build, but it is built from a Protector Bunker building that does cost gold.

Cost of Protector
# of Units # of Population Needed Cost Time
2 200 5,000 4 hours
4 400 10,000 8 hours
6 600 15,000 12 hours
12 1,200 30,000 24 hours
Protector Properties
Role Protector
Cost 100 Crystals
Speed Medium 40 speed
Armour Plate 4 armor
Health 5/10 1950 health
Damage 2.1/10 350 melee damage
Attack Speed 8.8/10 1.1 attack speed
Range 1.2/10 30 attack range
  • Ability: splash damage
  • Absorb: 60% ranged damage
  • Absorb: 40% magic damage

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