Military Unit Achieved Crystal
Conscript Beginning 10 Crystals Melee
Cadets Beginning, Need Small Sapphires (Improved Conscripts) 10 Crystals Melee
Slinger Lvl 2, Ranged Combat Research 15 Crystals Ranged
GoldSlingshot Gold Merchant (Improved Slinger) 15 Crystals Ranged
Soldier Lvl 5, Military Training Research 25 Crystals Melee
Medic Lvl 8, Combat Healing Research 35 Crystals Healer
Swordsman Lvl 10, Swordsmanship Research 50 Crystals AoE Melee
Gold Bladesman Gold Merchant (Improved Swordsman) 50 Crystals AoE Melee
Gold Javelineer 240 Gold for building 55 Crystals Ranged
Knight Lvl 11, Advanced Combat Research 60 Crystals AoE Melee
Gold Noble Gold Merchant (Improved Knight) 60 Crystals AoE Melee
Cavalry Lvl 12, War Horse Research 70 Crystals AoE Protector
Gold Cavaliers Gold Merchant (Improved Cavalry) 70 Crystals AoE Protector
Enchantress Lvl 13, Combat Casting Research 75 Crystals AoE Magic
Gold Diviners Gold Merchant (Improved Enchantress) 75 Crystals AoE Magic
Priest Lvl 15, Advance Healing Research 80 Crystals Healer
Halberdier Lvl 18, Pole Weapons Research 90 Crystals AoE Melee
Gold Striker Gold Merchant (Improved Halberdier) 90 Crystals AoE Melee
Gold Sorcerer 171 Gold for building 100 Crystals Ranged
Gold Barbarian 149 Gold for building 100 Crystals Melee (AoE)
Paladin Lvl 21, Blessed Troops Research 120 Crystals Protector (AoE)
Gold Crusaders Gold Merchant (Improved Paladin) 120 Crystals Protector (AoE)
Dragon Rider Lvl 24, Dragon Taming Research 150 Crystals AoE Ranged

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